Monday essential water


1. Murray-Darling webinar

Last chance to register for this webinar by the BOM

After recent rains, join us to understand more about the water situation in the Murray Darling Basin. Water experts will review the connectivity between storage levels, streamflow, groundwater and soil moisture. They will also demonstrate Bureau tools customers can use to understand conditions.

2. Update to SPARROW

The USGS tool for SPAtially Referenced Regression On Watershed attributes (SPARROW) has been enhanced.

The new models estimate streamflow and the concurrent yields of total nitrogen, total phosphorus, and suspended sediment in both monitored and unmonitored inland stream reaches across the country as they feed into larger water bodies. Through SPARROW’s regionalized models, land and resource managers can better prioritize water-quality improvement efforts based on historical hydrological data in their specific area, the agency said in a release.