Monday random water news


1. Two monsters on the Red River

“It’s hard to get people out especially with the COVID. Everybody is trying to stay in, we’re not getting the volunteer response that we usually do”.

This article in Forbes describes the challenges faced by communities preparing for “two monsters”—COVID-19 and spring floods on the Red River, North Dakota.

2. Wet start to year in eastern Australia signals possible end to drought

14 percent of NSW is now out of drought. This is up from just 1.2 percent two months ago. A further 8.3 percent of the state is now classified as recovering from drought.

This article ponders whether the wet start to the year means the end of a three year drought.

3. Free water and sewerage for all (in Fortville… for a month)

This gift was made by local businesses as an encouragement that we all might look out for one another, find the needs of our neighbors, neighborhoods, and do our part in helping them through this uncertain and unprecedented difficult time… and the good times that will soon follow.

This was a message from the anonymous donor who decided to pay the water and sewage bills for all the folks of Fortville, Indiana. Article here.