Tuesday random water links


1. Tributes for an engineering heavyweight

Former Director of California Department of Water Resources William Gianelli dies aged 101. Gianelli was said to be the last great American civil engineer of his generation.

His commitment to water education led him to serving as a founding board member of the Water Education Foundation. In 1977, Gianelli became President of the Foundation from 1985 to 1989 and served as a board member for several years. The Water Leaders program, which was created in 1997 and named for him, was one of his great legacies resulting in about 500 graduates of water community leaders.

2. Private sector role for water management in the Colorado

A new report from the Pacific Institute finds that corporate water stewardship can help address the water challenges of the Colorado. The idea is to encourage corporate reporting of water use; the demands of woke consumers will then incentivize companies to reduce the the water footprint of their operations down the supply chain. This blog provides an accessible summary for folks in a hurry.