Wednesday random water links


1. Chinese city encourages blockchain industry to consume excess hydropower

Ya’an, one of the many cities in China’s mountainous Sichuan province, a region that’s estimated to account for over 50 percent of the Bitcoin network’s computing power, has recently issued a public guidance – likely in its first – to seize the “strategic opportunity of the blockchain sector” so that they can help consume the area’s excessive hydropower electricity.

Article here in Coindesk.

2. Water restrictions for Tampa Bay?

Following an unusually dry start to 2020 around Tampa Bay, the local water management district’s governing board on Tuesday declared a water shortage, signaling that residents could face tighter water-use restrictions this year.

Article here in the Tampa Bay Times. Wet season normally starts soon.

3. COVID-19 forcing water supply innovation in Belize

Each hydropanel can produce up to 911 gallons of drinking water per month. Since the COVID-19 outbreak, the Caye Caulker community has opened up the installation to the rest of the community, with almost all the water produced each day being used.

Article here in Newsweek.