Weekend water


1. A letter by Jiang Zu in Nature Climate Change caught my eye:

Our study illustrates that the development and tuning of models to reproduce the instrumental record does not ensure that they will perform realistically at high CO2. In this regard, paleoclimate constraints are especially important to guide model development and choices of physical parameterizations, because they represent the only real-world estimates of equilibrium surface temperature under atmospheric CO2 concentrations outside the range of instrumental records.

The study is challenging some of the high temperature sensitivty to emissions in several CMIP6 models. Article here.

2. Thank you Dan Rosbjerg for introducing us to August Colding:

[August Colding] gave a significant contribution to the understanding of the spread of cholera. In hydrology, he used evaporation experiments to obtain water balances. Independently, he formulated Darcy’s law, and, as the first one, he calculated the water table between drainpipes and the piezometric surface in confined aquifers. His main occupation, however, was chief engineer in Copenhagen, where he modernised the city by introducing groundwater-based water supply and building a waterworks delivering pressured, clean water into the houses, a gasworks and gas-based street lightening, and a citywide sewage system.

This is a article for discussion in HESS - here.

3. Nice photos of rivers

Here in Reader’s Digest.